Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to disable Flash plugin for specific websites in Chrome

Some websites have this stupid feature of an audio player, which starts playing automatically upon loading the page. First, the unexpected noise from your speakers sometimes makes you jump on your chair, and that sucks. Second, if you open multiple pages of the same website in different tabs, you also get several players playing simultaneously, also slowing down your computer, and that sucks even more. What are the options for solving this?

The first thing that comes to mind is turning off the Flash plugin entirely. This can be achieved by going to Settings -> Show advanced settings... -> Privacy -> [Content settings...] -> Plug-ins -> Disable individual plug-ins and clicking Disable near the Shockwave Flash plugin. Might be an option, but I really like to watch Youtube every once in a while, therefore digging into the browser settings and switching the plugin back and forth on a regular basis doesn't seem too appealing.

Luckily, Google Chrome offers another solution - disabling plugins for specific sites. To use this option, go to Settings -> Show advanced settings... and click [Content settings...] just under the Privacy section. Now scroll to the Plug-ins section and click [Manage exceptions...].

Now you can enter a domain and choose to block the plugins.

Google Chrome exceptions for plugins

  • Plugin exception settings can be quickly accessed by copying the following link into the Chrome address bar:
  • This setting will affect all plugins for the specific site, not just Adoble Flash Player. 
  • If you want to block the plugins for most of the web and use them just on a few websites, select to block all plugins in the content settings and allow just those specific sites by adding exceptions.

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