Friday, January 18, 2013

Motorola EX115 (Dual Sim) Keypad Lock Shortcut

Dual Sim Motorola EX115

How do you lock the Motorola EX115 keyboard quickly?

Keyboard Lock #1

To lock the phone's keyboard, press and hold the space key for 2 seconds when in home screen (the one where you see the clock at the bottom and the SIM card names at the top). It's quite an obvious shortcut as the spacebar has this tiny 'lock' icon printed on it.

However, the thing that bugs me when I'm in a hurry is that I usually don't want to wait even for 2 seconds. So I found another way to do this:

Keyboard Lock #2

When in home screen, press the 'Menu' button and then immediately the '*' (asterisk) button. I noticed that this doesn't work if you go to the menu using the center key of the D-pad (D-pad is the four-way button), it only works when you use the button with the dot, which is on the right of the phone, below the 'Menu' item.

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