Saturday, January 19, 2013

Running A Blog On Tumblr - Pros and Cons

A list of pros and cons of Tumblr, based on my experience from running a few blogs there.

Tumblr Is Great, Because...

  • Posting content is very convenient and simple
  • Reblogging is encouraged and it's easy to supplement your own content with images or other stuff reblogged from other people; besides, if you have great content, it will reach larger audiences as others reblog it
  • You can choose a theme from numerous free design templates or create your own template to give your blog an outstanding look
  • You can run your blog on a custom domain, such as
  • It supports tags for categorization of content
  • It has content submission functionality built-in
  • You can schedule your posts to be published on a specific date and time or several times per day
  • Blogs load really fast; some themes allow infinite scrolling
  • The system is mobile friendly; native apps for mobile devices also available
  • You can register multiple blogs on one account; multiple users can post to the same blog
  • It allows some adult content, you just need to mark your blog with an NSFW flag

Although it's not perfect, because...

  • Comments are not supported by default, but it's not a big problem since you can install Disquis, Facebook or other third party comments
  • There's no list of tags for the blog, however, it's possible to use a Javascript plugin to generate it
  • Full-text search is not supported; visitors can search by tags though
  • Google might not be too friendly for ranking individual posts on your blog for long-tail keywords. This is probably due to the fact that content is reblogged and backlinked a lot and Google dislikes duplicate content.
  • There are no separate fields dedicated to the page meta title or the image alternative text; a portion of content text is used for them
  • It's not self-hosted, therefore it's not possible to make any modifications to the server side functionality

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