Friday, January 18, 2013

Useful habit website

Here's one possible answer to a question 'What website should I make?'.

Website idea - a collection of useful habits.

The website allows visitors browse the habits by categories, filter them by tags or search them by keywords. The visitors are encouraged to post their own habit suggestions and rate other habits.

Possible habit categories:

  • General habits
  • Daily habits
  • Health habits
  • Family habits
  • Money/financial habits
  • Entrepreneurial habits
  • Time management habits
  • Learning habits
  • Social habits, etc.

Optional functions for this idea:

  • Visitors could post their stories how specific habits improved their life
  • The website might present some techniques and tips on how new habits can be formed
  • Visitors could share the habits via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc
  • The website could implement some sort of a habit formation log (either private or public), where registered users might "subscribe" for specific habits and update their daily progress
  • The expansion of the above - a "habit badge" - an image containing the habit formation progress (e.g. I'm on a day 5 out of 30 for my new healthy eating habit; or, I've reached 55% in my early rising habit formation) for embedding on websites, blogs, forum signatures, etc

Habit website monetization:

  • AdSense or other ad systems
  • Contextual advertising - e.g. a money habit page could contain an ad of a financial business company, whereas a health habit page could link to a clinic/spa/yoga center, etc
  • Affiliate marketing - e.g. a health habit page that presents positive effects of daily jogging might contain affiliate links to a running shoes/sneakers eshop

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